temporary tattoos

My tattoo designs are inspired by my time overseas and from my stories. As a tattoo lover myself, I noticed that there were not many pre-existing designs that were what I was looking for. So I decided to create unique tattoos that I haven't quite found anywhere else that I believe that others may appreciate in their own journey to self expression.

The great thing about temp tattoos is that you can keep trying new things on the blank template that is your skin. It is also easier to maintain bold colors and explore color options such as white, neon, or metallic that are unstable in real tattoos.

tattoos and stickers

Arabian Horse (Umm Al Wassef - Mother of the Storms)

Arabian Oryx

Datura - Garden in the Sky

Mint - From The Sheika's Garden

Persian Fallow Deer

Persian Roses

Rhesus Macaque (Maymun, The Wise One)

Red Poppies (Czerwone Maki)


All tattoos were originally drawn with traditional medium such as pens, lead and color pencils, and markers on toned paper. Then, they are scanned and edited digitally to pop on your skin.

The tattoos are printed on a transfer film that sticks on top of your skin. It's pretty much decal for the human body.


Longevity is best if you exfoliate and shave (in that order), and let completely dry before applying. If you have a lot of body hair, it's better to exfoliate with a brush, shave (with the grain not against it), then use an dye-based tattoo (not a decal based tattoo).

Once applied, a tattoo should stay at least a week before beginning to fade.