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Ceruleus is an American graphic novelist. His stories explore the themes of industrialization, ethics surrounding technology, and the just war theory. His name comes from locus ceruleus (meaning "blue spot"), the part of the brain that creates physical responses during panic. Raised in the heartland of America, he spent much of his childhood with his immigrant grandfather who has fled a post-Soviet country.

Ceruleus's art style is characterized by its earthy colors and gritty texture mixed with a whimsical touch. The characters in his world are marked with chaotic energy and emotional intensity while navigating extreme brutality in their pursuit of happiness and freedom. Through his work, Ceruleus aspires to paint a portrait of America and what it means to be an American. He chose the military as a backdrop for his stories due to its dramatic potential, and its ability to showcase the best and worst of humanity during conflict down at the theater.
Even though his subject matters may be about technology and war, underneath it all they are about exploring what it means to be human in all its sorrows and triumphs - and the celebration of human life.

Some of his work include "Beasts Crying In The Wilderness", "The Iron Dogs", and "The Iron and the Sun".


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